How Anyone Who Knows How to Type Can Write an Article in 30 Minutes or Less

It seems that one of the fastest growing recommendations
flying around the net these days is about writing articles.

Of course as something starts to pick up momentum it brings
forth a myriad of products, all wanting your hard earned

Recently I picked up a product by Melanie Mendelson called
“The 30 Minute Article Writing System.”


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In The 30 Minute Article Writing System Melanie teaches a
step by step system for creating articles on virtually any
topic in 30 minutes or less. Instead of just giving you
more content you are given a clearly defined set of steps
and a time limit for each one’s completion.

Although the system is straight forward the largest obstacle
would be the system assumes you have some knowledge of the
topic you are writing about.

This is easily overcome with some quick search engine
research on your topic, however if your not very versed in
your topic it will take you more than 30 minutes factoring
in research time.

Melanie Mendelson, although she has only been working online
for a little more than 3 years has been able to create a
full time income for herself.

Creating her own products, Melanie uses article writing as
her top strategy for attracting customers.

In “The 30 Minute Article Writing System” I found the
simplicity of the system to be it’s most powerful quality.
Knowing the exact step to take and having a pre-determined
time limit for its completion keeps your article writing on

The system is powerful enough to have you create very well
written articles even though you may have very limited
knowledge on the subject of your article.


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Using the program definitely eliminates any type of writer’s

There is also a huge list of sites included in the book for
submitting your articles to for massive exposure.

Although the information is not new the way Melanie presents
it in a clearly defined system is rare and very refreshing
even for someone who has never written an article in their

I must admit I was a little skeptical about the following
sentence from Melanie’s sales letter:

“If you are a complete novice, you will be churning out
articles like you’ve been doing it all your life.”

However after going through the system I can see where she
has the proof to back this statement.

Understanding that “The 30 Minute Article Writing System” is
designed to be a quick system for writing articles, I do
wish Melanie would have maybe touched somewhat on the
subject of quick research for topics you might not be
familiar with.

After purchasing the product and using it I believe that
everything stated in the original sales letter was true and
I was left with no unanswered questions or concerns.

If you are at all interested in attracting more search
engine traffic or publicity to your business or affiliate
programs, then this article system should prove very

An informative article can draw huge amounts of traffic to
your website and business and I would give this product a 7
out of 10 recommendation to help you with your article

For more information on “The 30 Minute Article Writing
System”, please visit Melanie’s site at

In the future I sincerely hope that Melanie Mendelson
follows up on this product with something discussing related
topics. A few examples may be quick research for your
article writing or the ins and outs of article submissions.


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